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Olmo trattoria sondrio

this business trip ended up in a nice way as i discovered this nice new place in sondrio. i was supposed to stay in my hotel room all alone, desperate with my iPad while my hubby at home was having a huge christmas party but with two colleagues (that i probably destroyed with my sad past friendships) i had a nice dinner in this place.

olmo !!! they already knew it because of the menu called porca vacca that includes angus cuts and veggies plus water and wine and coffee. all for 20 euro.

Alessandro and I had also sciatt to share.

desserts are very good also.

no photo of the food as i was chatting and you know me..when i talk, i talk too much .

the owner is very nice and charming. they all are very polite, kind and make the customer welcome.

if you are over here..a place to try and enjoy

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My dear.. My place of The heart – you all know- is Alassio . So ad today we discovered a New place for breakfast called pasticceria San Francesco in piazza San Francesco , i took some New photos.

Delicious veneziana. Brioche! 

The church of San Francesco 


And now i want to try this pizzeria la

Lanterna! After 20 and more years… Or The restaurant of The hotel lamberti.. Have you been?


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Galley @ heritage 1881

Romantic dinner. 

And before We rushed to The harbour to see The light show at 8 pM that is something a tourist should see.

Photos of The night light show
The restaurant is very quiet and nice. Romantic and heritage 1881 is The best quiet place in town.


And colonial. Food is so and so. At least My rice With seafood a la thai way! The beef of My hubby was good. 

Bruschetta was not Crispy But what can We expect abroad???? Tomatoes were amazing! Much tasty than The one We have at Home.

I will miss here… Definetely! 

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Brando Burger


Finally! We tried it. I admit that the location is not what i expected but the burger was absolutely great!
The best – even better than trita for me, not for paolo that still loves trita.

Paolo had a ciccio burger with gorgonzola and bacon and i had chicken burger as you know i don’t eat red meat easily.

And no fries but potatoes made in the oven – what we call patate al forno. Very tasty.

Great place thumb up. Corso garibaldi , como