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my full report on Hong KONG

We got back from Hong Kong on friday. what a great place to visit, luckily i didn’t change my mind and i went despites the fear of a long flight. I imagined something more british but it’s basically china. every corner shows china. maybe real china is different and less cured but believe me that just some areas as western. thanks to the roaming i was able to keep my blog updated and so day by day i was able to write down all. we went up to the PEAK with the peak tram and that was awesome. the views from up there is amazing. there is a long queue to do and people push to climb the tram so you need to be pushy too! if you want to seat and have a wonderful view. we skipped the queue because we were with a small group of a guide and she showed us most of the famous spots like the Man Mo TEMPLE that is the oldest of HONG KONG and was very nice and peaceful even if in the center of hk. it was my first time in a temple. it is smoky with the incense but i loved it. then we drove to aberdeen and the village of fishermans, we did a small boat trip to see the old boat (water was dirty as hell) and we had dim sum lunch at the famous and touristic jumbo floating restaurant but even if it was touristic i have to say that this place had good food and we were an internation group and i loved it. they have a kind of panna cotta made by tofu that really tasted the same. then we drove to stanley my favourite place where i want to get back one day on my own. amazing seaside village with a wonderful sea. and the famous market. where you can buy silly souvenirs for a cheap price. too crowded for me.i entered in the mood of those places the day i was leaving- so you know why i have to get back to HK? but the very first thing we did when we arrived was to take the MTR to TSIM SHA TSUI and went to see Victoria Harbour. shame, they had just closed for renovation the walk of the stars with the famous statue of Bruce Lee and could not figure out where they had put it. but never mind, there was the old clock, the nice place called heritage 1881 where we also had dinner once in a romantic contest called GALLEY, harbour city mall and you name it every single shop you can imagine and there are in the surroundings that famous tailors shops where we regretted not to pay a visit as in two days we could have done made to measure suits. now you know why i have to get back? and there is the star ferry. very cheap you pay with your octopus card almost 2 dollars and you cross the harbour to arrive to central or to convention center and wanchai. we took the star ferry for the first time on sunday morning. it’s all a footbridge in HK…we went around IFC and visited exchange square with the statues of the bulls and the nice fountain. i totally found depressing and empty wanchai so i am suggesting you to go to CENTRAL. where you can find also a double decker bus that for 33 dollars is departing every half and hour and stops in the most famous places and you can seat up outside. we didn’t take the old double decker in causeway bay..lack of time…but i am sure it is a nice experience they do all the main road of HK island. mtr stop AUSTIN (a lot of work in progress even over there) takes you to the hello kitty restaurant where i had to pay a visit. chinese food. really chinese so very hard for me to like. apple chicken with rice, dumplings…not a very large menu but the fame of the place is the hello kitty stuff. our hotel was very close to the MOKO Mall, Mong Kok area and this place is famous for electronics and has a lot shops in argyle street and surroundings. shops open around 11 and closes around 22. our club room offered free tea and drinks with appetizers. usually a mix of chinese delicatessen that i appreciated a lot. gyoza and dumplings!!! sweets…i have to thank marina for the great tip in the hotel she suggested. wow. friendly stuff and huge rooms. ok, i will go on with my report later because now the lake house calls and we need to drive there. see you soon!!! 29th october 2015 i am back from 3 days in Sondrio on business and sad news, the granny of paolo died at 99. in january she would have been 100. what a pity she could not arrive to celebrate that day. let’s go back to the trip… we also took the overcraft to Macao and spent the day there . we visited the old temple of A Ma temple. it is huge. you can climb up the hill..and the maritime museum because the macao museum was closed on monday. the museum was quite interesting, and big ! then we drove to the facade of the cathedral of st paul that was destroyed by a fire in 1835 and now we could just see the wall. it’s unesco heritage and the area is very nice…almost cuban in a way. we climbed up the panoramic tower (the best bungee jumping spot) and had a glimpse of the whole Macao . lunch in a hotel. buffet lunch at the RIO HOTEL AND CASINO and i admit that the food was good. beef and chicken a l’afraicaine. veggies….sweets…tea…. the cost was 88 dollars. very very cheap. macao is a small las vegas and having time we could have made a tour of the churches that were many. one day we took the MTR to TUNG CHUNG (where a huge outlet is, Lantau island) and queued for the cable cabin to see the big buddha. 2 hours. and all because we didn’t book online…we could have skipped the whole queue.. for sporty people: there are a lot of hiking paths over there and you can reach the small village even walking, no idea of the time. the crystal cabin is glass bottomed so it’s possible to see down. soooo nice. the big buddha is impressive. and the temple of PO LIN huge. the last day was devoted to shopping in Mong KOK and we came back to the Mong KOK computer center that is huge with small shops selling pc things, and Richmond arcade for soldiers and 1:6 figures. and then two doors later there is a big place on 4 floors full of places where they sell mobile phones and covers and they repair it. even there, in the richmond arcade…cash the two huge malls are IFC in central where the best spot with a view is APPLE and HARBOUR VIEW where there is also a terrace on the harbour to take pictures as long as many shops. i adored LADY M directly from NY where i had this amazing 1000 crepes with green tea creme and starbucks because in HK i can have green tea latte and i loved it. wel, so far the report is complete but if i have to update it..i will let you know, i am sure i have forgotten something. no doubts!!!

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Last day in hk

Shopping in mong kok . Computer Arcade and mobile arcade But prices of The cover of little twin stars were not low.

Action figures shop.

Just cash. Cash. Cash.

Harbour city 

And last drink at The hotel. Free. With delicious dumplings.

Manning is like boots.

Cheap. Hong Kong is cheap. But ad it seems ad My bank have me debit cards not able to let me take cash and they do not give hkd … I had to call amex and ASk to take cash From a friend in another bank. Incredible! 

Salad is a nice shop for bags.

Take The octopus Card. You can pay even at starbucks.

And Now that The flight will be quick! 

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Big buddah

Ifyou are 

planning to go to tung chung for the cable car go there early. But early! There is a long queue to purchase tickets . And even better to purchase tickets in adavance so you can skip the line.Online. Very easy.

And.. Are you ready to climb steep steps?

I didn’t ! Hubby is doing it right now.

 With this humidity and heat i could die.

The temple of the big hero is right behind and there is the hall of 10000 buddahs.

Amazing place.Book a crystal cabin so you can have a bottom windowed and see down.

The full set of picture will come later! 

And there is the Huge outlet where bargains can be found! 

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Galley @ heritage 1881

Romantic dinner. 

And before We rushed to The harbour to see The light show at 8 pM that is something a tourist should see.

Photos of The night light show
The restaurant is very quiet and nice. Romantic and heritage 1881 is The best quiet place in town.


And colonial. Food is so and so. At least My rice With seafood a la thai way! The beef of My hubby was good. 

Bruschetta was not Crispy But what can We expect abroad???? Tomatoes were amazing! Much tasty than The one We have at Home.

I will miss here… Definetely!