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Holiday almost ruined. Flu and gastro bug first hit me and then, two days later, my husband.

So our week was not full of events and exhibitions . Just Geffrye Museum one day…

No musical

Such a sad week…

The only main event was a dinner with friends at zedel and then last lunch at my fave burger and lobster. A small shopping and some photos of the decorations. Taro twice! A week to be done again with spring clothes ….

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I wish 2018 will teach me how to trust less fake friends.

To learn how to understand people

Not to feel affection

To be stronger

To follow advices

Because others see what we do not.

Mistakes make esperience

I will see more places

I won’t waste my time

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Cacio e pepe

Ieri sera finalmente ho provato la cacio e pepe ad Alassio all’Italia. Ma sì, non era affatto male ma io aspetto Felice.

Mi porterà da Felice? Ma che rogna che non apre per pranzo. Comunque dai per essere in Liguria come cacio e pepe era ok ma a Roma.. a Roma tutta un’altra cosa!