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Ho scoperto un posto nuovo

Agriturismo la Nevera. A Lanzo. Si mangia benissimo. รˆ frescolino ed รจ curato. Altro che quella cosa indecorosa del Crotto con la cameriera sudata!

E la cotoletta cruda.

Qui super carne alla brace e un super antipasto

Formaggio fresco .

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Palazzo Reale – Milano

JUST opened in Milano this amazing exhibition . Paintings Coming fron The Tate altough i think you al know that the best collection si owned by Andrew Lloyd webber. I had seen it in London .

This ONE is Greta, well done. With a Wide collection of paintings. No queue Today for us.

Waterhouse, Dante gabriel rossetti, and millais. My full album

i did it again! Fighting the heat , we went back today. Again!!!

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Orto botanico di Brera

Ah ma come ho fatto a non esserci mai andata prima?

Oh my .. i have never been there and i have Lived here all my life. This is an hidden gem in the shade . Nice place to hide and relax . Romantic. Green. In the center! What a nice idea i had!

Small little romantic corner. ๐Ÿ˜Š

trovarsi qui , romanticamente ma non sarebbe stupendo?

Go and see the orto botanico! Free entrance .

Full set of pics