Now I am sadly back. And my memories are nice . What a country, what a scenery

Lava fields with a never ending view

Blue Lagoon that was amazing . With MUDs that made my feet so silky! ( not the hair, I admit) 

I wish I had more time in Reikjavik , and visit the new cathedral … but well, maybe another time with summer colours! 

It was a good idea to go.

Skogafoss, black sand beach and the capital and blue lagoon

Blue lagoon from the outside!

And here the Link to see the photos of the second waterfall we had seen today sejlandsfoss .

And we stopped by to the vulcano – the famous one that erupted in 2010 and watched a movie made by a family that owns a farm just down the vulcano. They actually were there . Hubby and wife and their house , the same of the movie, is still there .The new cathedral of rejkiavik ( the spelling is probably wrong) that we didn’t see. Such a short stay! Plus as you can see paolo didn’t had lunch at the freeway stop and he had a club sandwich at Solon- nice young place in the capital! You can click Here to see all the pics we took in town. They will be fully in in the next few days… 

My idea of the capital is that we needed more time there is a nice walk by the sea, and we should have walked more here and there.

Amazing place ! The black sand beach. Magical place! 

This is  Skogafoss. Nice waterfall !

Then we visited another waterfall that was very crowded and nice even if smaller. Need to check the name on the movie I took.
The end of this magical trip was blue lagoon where we had a swim into the muds. Amazing the mud was there for your skin as well as in the pool! Soooo cool. Silica muds! The only bad part? The total disorganised changing rooms! For the rest… amazing place

And dinner was at lava restaurant. Great company at the table! Nice chat! 

The golden circle – iceland

First day in Iceland!

Full set of pics
Nice place! All white with snow! Pics are all coming along later, sorry! We started to visit the thingvellir national park where there is the fault that separates Europe from America . Nice walk down in the ‘cut’ ! In the snow! And luckily we bought that jacket in London because it is cold sometime!

Then the geysir that is probably the most famous attraction we can see in Iceland but .. original but I was expecting more. 

We had lunch there and had a toast!!! Paolo a soup.

Then in the afternoon the gullfoss waterfall ​. Impressive! Really impressive. was slippery ! But nice !!! Then the faxi waterfall where salmons hop in the summertime.

And now in the country side the hotel. Laekur hotel where dinner awaits us soon! Actually we had a caprese and as a main course a very good lamb with coconut and ginger and rice 

​my attempt to take a photo of the northern lights was a failure. All black. Probably my reflex is not good enough or I am not good. Anyway it’s just an aura in white in the sky and it is not green itself! People say it’s green with the photo… well, mine was all black


Today a full day in this magical town. Photos will be posted when I will be home because I don’t have with me my mac and pics are taken with the reflex now.

We had a walk in the parliament, royal palace, opera house, theatre and Ofelia ( you learn canepa… you learn how to make parkings)

No Old canal and docks with all the coloured houses

Full set of pics
Spotted a Wagamama behind the Tivoli 

The christiania hippy community- that would be cool to visit

City hall

Hans c. Andersen house

Need to see again the rose castle and the park of the king

Small yellow houses as seen in the movie the danish girl

The guide was very good and she has a Blog

Church of st Alban and the fountain of the goddess who transformed her 4 sons in bulls

The new waste burner that will be a ski slope

Nice town , I want to go back

And guess??? Joe and the juice all over and not in milano!

Now we are in a Hotel in klefavik! It’s snowing!