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Hotel la Torre rassegna gastronomica

Ormai è diventato il nostro posto.

So far , I can call it out place.

Appetizer: cheese fondue and egg.

Special menu for the season. And by the way this is a great hotel!

Pumpkin Gnocchetti with deer sauce . Ragù di cervo. Simply delicious .

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Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

About the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

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Waiting to go and see it. Next time. The building itself is something amazing. Still not open.

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Osteria Trani

A Lugano, sulla

Scalinata , abbiamo provato questo posto per la prima volta . Si mangia benissimo. La tagliata di tonno era sublime. Veramente buona! Mi sono pentita di non aver preso la porzione intera ! Poi risotto al Castel Magno con salsiccia ( luganiga, scusate, diciamolo alla ticinese) e vino rosso. Buonissimo però poi vedendo passare gli gnocchi.. ecco il desiderio di tornare si è acuito!

Ho visto passare anche dei carciofi pazzeschi.

Sabato torno.

Ah ah ah !

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Breakfast at Jumo

This is a wonderful new place owned by french guys. Infact even the eggs come from France . Tasty toast ( with a great bread) with massive avocado , eggs and salmon and prosciutto .

It is not cheap, I admit. But for me it’s clean nice and well decorated and they are nice . Just out of our flat so quick and easy also for a take away latte or matcha latte.

E niente comunque io ve lo dico : qui la full English breakfast non se la caga più nessuno. Adesso solo pane tipo pugliese ( sourdorough) con avocado salmone e uova alla benedict. Tutto il resto è out!

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Now we kind of love this place.

Genova pics
We did a nice walk around the narrow streets and discovered this amazing church of Santa Maria Maddalena 

Inside is something to remember. We loved it. Then we walked through scary streets and ended up in corso Garibaldi with amazing old buildings. Breathtaking. And next time I want to visit some museum!

Next time we would like to try this bistrot . Sounds so good and charming! We need to sleep there one time . I loved the Bristol hotel when I was there many years ago.

Genova !!!!!! We’ll be back soon!