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The mitre

Tomorrow brunch. Lady day in my fave town.

A review will come . The place is sooooo nice

Ok the breakfast was very good.

Especially scrambled eggs.

Best place still remains the muffin man, no questions!

But this is a nice place full of flowers.

C’è anche il brunch con tutti i cocktail inclusi per 27 £ ma io onestamente non capisco come le persone possano bere 😀😀così tanto così presto alla mattina

I nostri vicini avranno bevuto otto mimosa e quattro Margarita no quell’altro quello rosso non mi ricordo come si chiama il Bloody Mary penso comunque col tabasco…

Però insomma il posto è carino e vale la pena

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Marc Quinn

Went today. Love the museum. Just no photos .. I am so sad!


Ancient art mixed with modern. Marc Quinn a discovery. I like him. Mi piaceva molto la guida fatta come un moleskine ma dove la

Mettevo??? Valigie strapiene.

Pranzo al the George. The strand

The pig and the goose

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Grand Bazaar 

42 st James street mixed grill

I thought this place closed for good but nooo still open with his lunch for 10,95

I love this place

Give it a try when in London! Appetizer plus a

Main course.

Very central . 

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Highate and lunch at Kentish town

Pub called assembly house 

Will let you know soon how is the chicken buttermilk burger. 

The highgate are is amazing with amazing houses. And the cemetery was a good choice.4 pounds.also passed by the George micheal memorial garden . Pond square nice area! Never been in Kentish town before. But Camden town.. I totally do not like it. 

Just the cafe we went was fine . 42 beans.