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Cockburn street

Middle eastern food. Inside and outside is very nice . I am sure that is all great!!! Now we will experiment !

appetizer . Babagamoush , tsasiki and hummous.and even the mains were delicious and tasty. My chicken was herbs and spice. So good . Also the rice . It was white but not the tasteless boiled. Good . Too good

And safran ice cream later . I must admit this place was a great choice! I have spotted it as soon as I arrived here .

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Lunch at le Monde

We had a very busy day ! Even today we went to the castle and walked around. We saw the exhibition of the royal guards and wars , the royal palace, the chapel that is the only thing we could not phitograph.

Then we climbed calton hill. I had seen mouses! Wasn’t scare they were even cute somehow. Like gas gas . Anyway it’s nice the view but was a bit disappointing because there is nothing special . The national monument .. yesss but it’s creepy .

Lunch In George street. Very posh and all festive . le Monde.

Even crackers !!! And a gift!

Nice hamburger with bernaise sauce .

Lawnmarket : very nice ! We did a tour with the bus just to have a glimpse.

And now we are having dinner at laila’s which I spotted and that seems good

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Sperando che prendano i buoni pasto presto……. devo seriamente consigliarvi questo posto in San Vittore perché è veramente buono.

Oggi poke.


Ravioli ottimi e fatti al

Momento. Domani però proviamo Filippo la Mantia oste e cuoco . Stay tuned!

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Orto botanico di Brera

Ah ma come ho fatto a non esserci mai andata prima?

Oh my .. i have never been there and i have Lived here all my life. This is an hidden gem in the shade . Nice place to hide and relax . Romantic. Green. In the center! What a nice idea i had!

Small little romantic corner. 😊

trovarsi qui , romanticamente ma non sarebbe stupendo?

Go and see the orto botanico! Free entrance .

Full set of pics