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Olmo trattoria sondrio

this business trip ended up in a nice way as i discovered this nice new place in sondrio. i was supposed to stay in my hotel room all alone, desperate with my iPad while my hubby at home was having a huge christmas party but with two colleagues (that i probably destroyed with my sad past friendships) i had a nice dinner in this place.

olmo !!! they already knew it because of the menu called porca vacca that includes angus cuts and veggies plus water and wine and coffee. all for 20 euro.

Alessandro and I had also sciatt to share.

desserts are very good also.

no photo of the food as i was chatting and you know me..when i talk, i talk too much .

the owner is very nice and charming. they all are very polite, kind and make the customer welcome.

if you are over here..a place to try and enjoy

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Ristorante Posta

Business trip

Pasta fave sarde e mozzarella di bufala

I have business here often. I stay in The hotel della posta sooooo Much. Probably not for a long time again due to probable merging but We cross fingers and Hope for The best .

Aspargus and a chocolate 82% 

All super delicious and amazing maitre Mattia 

Quiet place in The hotel. Now.. Time to write something and sweet dreams and memories.