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Saturday in Milano 

Lunch: Lentini 

Now it’s my place. Not cheap but not filled with people. We tried biancolatte and we run away.

And wandering around Santa Maria alla porta that I have never seen and I pass by almost every day! And piazza affari and the cattelan finger. I love Cattelan, I even flew to Ny to see his exhibition at the Guggenheim!!!

Then we walked around and I simply adored the shop Ballin. Need to go there for shows when in the mood.

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Second day in London

Evening ruined because We Are stack but i wanted to see Two movies and an american in paris. And i cannot. Because people di not understand when a tourist is in town maybe i don’t have time in 3 days to socialize. 

 In The end it was a nice evening . So that’s fine! No worries! I am not Sad anymore 

Breakfast.. See other post

Soooo upset!

Walking day mainly in westfields where We had a

Massime shopping spree. Cos uniqlo and m&s and some surprise in The collection of Anya Hindmarch . She loves #Carrefour ! 

 Because when you Are not thin… What can you do?

Find shops where they have my size 18 even in swimsuit.

Lunch : byron

Afternoon with Lizzie 

Lebanese for a quick dinner at maroush juice!