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Royal Britannia , Holyrood house e national Scottish gallery

Intense day .

First the visit of my fave place ! The royal Britannia ! As seen in the crown! Bellissimo. So interesting to learn what’s inside the daily life. Old pictures. Where the officials slept. Almost worst than my camper.

I have taken so many photos! Now I am off to see a movie . Knives out . So I will write again later . My photos . Beware they are soooo much !

Then holyrood house. Bad part? As usual when the queen is the owner we cannot take pictures. It was so nice inside that I left my heart not being able to make a full set.but some sneaky.. I did . Sadly not the best rooms. The abbey is very nice too. This Edinburgh is amazing . But when I came with ANDREA what did we see? Here the link for my photos .

Not the interior. I am not so brave but I still have in mind the dining table all set for Christmas . Amazing !

And then in the afternoon the Scottish national gallery that is free. Amazing paintings.

Some TIZIANO , Raffaello , canaletto , van gogh.. great to see and unmissable.

This is Seurat. I am in love.

We passed by the area of Leith – ex poor area. The Scottish parlament. Cannongate that is close to our hotel .

Here ‘s the link to see the collection