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Gita in barca ! Nycbysea

A New York 

Set of pics
nYcbysea. Captain Mike will take you With a motorboat – a very posh one- departing From The marina in front of brokefields mall. Which is in front of one observatory which is connected With The new westfields.

Sunglasses for The emergency 5 dollars in a small  market in fulton street.

Write down this name nycbysea !

Such an amazing View! Not like The overcrowded ferry. Enjoy and book! This is The best even If i was seasick 😳 as usual and i had to Let Paolo do The pictures.Omg Let’s see! Paolo was very good!

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Souvlaki GR 

This evening, After melting at The grand terminal… A greek nice restaurant shaped as a small greek village on 56th

Food is so good that We decided to book for Tomorrow. Again! Amazing good and healthy.

Greek Salad 

And mixed grill to share

Soooooogood But one thing… Sparkling water is 14 dollars. Greek water. Even like a good wine! 

This was The only depressive thing! But on The other hand i do not drink tab water. Have you ever drunk water in The swimming pool ? That’s ny water.

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One observatory

Today we have been tourists.

We visited The two fountains
And went up The 102 floors building.

Full set of pics
37 dollars. Remember to film The elevator ride as it’s amazing. You see Ny from The beginning. My advice… Film it.  from the green woods to the town now. what a pity we could not do that again to film it. Sooo good. Then they give you a giftcard for century 21. it can be up to 500 $ and i was like…”my gosh if it’s 500 i am going to grab a tumi right away” but it was just 5,99

we still have one. let’s see.

Lunch. @ eataly With rosso pomodoro . So crowded that place! people coming and going, pizza to go, amazing how busy this place is.farinetti and bastianich rule.