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Sperando che prendano i buoni pasto presto……. devo seriamente consigliarvi questo posto in San Vittore perché è veramente buono.

Oggi poke.


Ravioli ottimi e fatti al

Momento. Domani però proviamo Filippo la Mantia oste e cuoco . Stay tuned!

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Orto botanico di Brera

Ah ma come ho fatto a non esserci mai andata prima?

Oh my .. i have never been there and i have Lived here all my life. This is an hidden gem in the shade . Nice place to hide and relax . Romantic. Green. In the center! What a nice idea i had!

Small little romantic corner. 😊

trovarsi qui , romanticamente ma non sarebbe stupendo?

Go and see the orto botanico! Free entrance .

Full set of pics

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Banksy al Mudec

Pictures full set

Click above if you want to See the full set.

A must See. Always Liked his artwork and wandered around London trying to find some.

I think it’s well done , big and full of inspiration. how can he be so full of ideas? The last part with a movie of all his wall installation is simply Amazing

Even the movie clip.

Dinner was at fabbrica pizzeria and old glory days are gone. Next time we want to go to redondo iglesias for some Spanish serano.

Or belledonne pizzeria .