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Ristorante persiano

Inside it’s wonderful. I love the tables. Now let’s see the food.

Let’s see the food.

the place is in notting hill where pizza metro served us pizza for years. I wonder why it closed down! Well let’s try the persian.

I am astonished . Food was amazing and served so nicely! Saffron ! Even the ice-cream and pistachio that I have learnt during my recent trip being a product of Iran! A famous production! Ignorant me I was always thinking of the Sicilian pistachio! The Iranian was amazing!

This is the mixed grill for two. Chops were amazing!! Lamb with pistachio delicious and they added a cranberry jam and a sauce ! So yummi ! Chicken and another lamb completed the dish. With rice with saffron and potatoes.

The saffron ice cream with special frozen noodles

Was great but to taste properly the wonderful icecream it was better probably just icecream! I loved also the interiors.

Good good good! Beluga forever!


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Breakfast at Jumo

This is a wonderful new place owned by french guys. Infact even the eggs come from France . Tasty toast ( with a great bread) with massive avocado , eggs and salmon and prosciutto .

It is not cheap, I admit. But for me it’s clean nice and well decorated and they are nice . Just out of our flat so quick and easy also for a take away latte or matcha latte.

E niente comunque io ve lo dico : qui la full English breakfast non se la caga più nessuno. Adesso solo pane tipo pugliese ( sourdorough) con avocado salmone e uova alla benedict. Tutto il resto è out!

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Theo Randall @ intercontinental

So far the photos of the blogger eating the amazing appetizer buffet.
Soon the review. ok the review is coming…

lovely brunch with a huge buffett full of vegetables and even the famous panzanella and a marvellous burrata. anguilla

shrimp salad .

amazing bruscehtte and we missed the risotto as we didn't know we could ask for it as long as other amazing primi!

GRILLED PEPPERS. AND all was great quality. now..what happened with this mac that even typing is slow . i wonder why!!!! i am upset!

the  blogger in front of the great buffett.panzanella Anguilla this Buffett was the best ever

Selection of desserts! Lemon Capri cake, an amazing light panna cotta, cheesecake that it melts in the mouth.. Choco cake and .. if you want a crepe ready made for you ! Mascarpone sauce