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Souvlaki GRĀ 

This evening, After melting at The grand terminal… A greek nice restaurant shaped as a small greek village on 56th

Food is so good that We decided to book for Tomorrow. Again! Amazing good and healthy.

Greek Salad 

And mixed grill to share

Soooooogood But one thing… Sparkling water is 14 dollars. Greek water. Even like a good wine! 

This was The only depressive thing! But on The other hand i do not drink tab water. Have you ever drunk water in The swimming pool ? That’s ny water.

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Le rapalline

No pictures because when i am With some friends i simply do not use The mobile a lot But believe me… It was all good. Appetizers Were Great. Artichockes Are The product of Albenga so they could not be forgotten. Fried and raw thin sliced With parmisan.

A special prosciutto from tuscany called carne salada that was delicious.

Friend cod.

Eggs With pink sauce

Onion omelette 


Cheese and rucola sauce

Pasta: i absolutely love their honemade pasta With salmon. Pasta is Always honemade there!

Amazing choco pudding.

For a strange valentine’s day they will hold a bagna cauda night next sunday .

They do have a Facebook page : ristorante le

Rapalline Albenga 

Jazz jazz! 

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Muottas Muragl


Baciati dal sole pranzetto da Uondas a Celerina

Pizze alsaziane. Le

Nostre preferite. Poi gita a muottas muragl in attesa del massaggio di Vincent.

La vista dei laghi e’ la migliore! The View si amazing! We were live in periscope too.

And even witnessed a car bump in the parking. Needless to say it was a german…so We took the licence plate and told the guard.

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the usual idiot

11.10 dear vivi and guess what?
James still didn’t say a word about tomorrow.
i ended up all. because it was worthless.
and he sent me christmas greetings.
if for me…nothing at all but he did and i appreciated. i was coming to the conclusion that he was never interested in me. how can someone? no sex, no kisses, no meetings…it was obvious that it was a nightmare of a man to escape from.
so for the ny i sent a text.
from his side
and not from mine arrived a request of seeing each other in the future.
what does in the future means?????
anyway i am pragmatic now and i set up a day.
well, the day before he still doesn’t know. just be a ghost james in the future and never ever ever ask me out please.