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Chagall a palazzo reale


Amazing exhibition.
Tons of paintings and some remarkable.
Open till 730 pm and 1030 pm on thursday
So far so good no waiting bit van gogh was pretty packed.

And even this one… On my list!!!

Paintings that i loved today
Gli amanti sulla panchina
Small drawing room
I and the village
View of the garden
Lisa at the window
Man with his head thrown back
Over vitebsk
Double portrait
The wolf and the stork
La volpe e l’uva
Mugnaio suo figlio e ..
The drunkard and wife
Gli amanti sul tetto
Chiaro di luna
Bella a mourillon
Bella and ida a peira cava
The bride with 2 faces
The black glove
The madonna of the village ( rarely in tour)
Sledge in the snow
Clock with blue wing
Villaggio con sole offuscato
Ritratto di Vava

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Great . Some i had already seen and some not. Simply great. Not like the Farnesina. Well i am not well myself and i am probably not enjoying the town like in the past. But it is easy to adjust and go back to the past. I was happy and i Will be again .