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Lucien Freud

At the RA

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Hotel la Torre rassegna gastronomica

Ormai è diventato il nostro posto.

So far , I can call it out place.

Appetizer: cheese fondue and egg.

Special menu for the season. And by the way this is a great hotel!

Pumpkin Gnocchetti with deer sauce . Ragù di cervo. Simply delicious .

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Photographer gallery

A nice exhibition . Mainly Cuban pictures.

5 pounds to enter.

But today will be remembered for the worst restaurant in my life.aubaine

Kensington high street

Staff? Seated chatting and taking fun of an old lady of 90 years old

Warm chèvre that was not warm and with no bread

They made me pay for it

Not even Brot

And not polite

14 pounds


No more . Don’t go there

Menù? Sad and nothing on it. If only MARVITA was able to eat something more but she doesn’t like the Lebanese or wagamama!