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At the design museum. Just opened today and for me it will be a success even if I missed the chance to find a spot to take a photo with the twins.

For lovers of the directors and not, it’s divided on movies and I am sure everyone will go. There is a lot on the way he planned and shot the movies.

All my photos

I hated Barry Lyndon , but I loved shining !

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A Korean in Notting hill that was a great discovery .

Starting with the pancake (Korean) with red beans inside. Then the typical dish is bulgogi strips of beef on a grill. Stripes. I liked them. Paolo took the spicy pork but is not too spicy so you don’t have to worry.

And dumplings were really good.

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Ristorante persiano

Inside it’s wonderful. I love the tables. Now let’s see the food.

Let’s see the food.

the place is in notting hill where pizza metro served us pizza for years. I wonder why it closed down! Well let’s try the persian.

I am astonished . Food was amazing and served so nicely! Saffron ! Even the ice-cream and pistachio that I have learnt during my recent trip being a product of Iran! A famous production! Ignorant me I was always thinking of the Sicilian pistachio! The Iranian was amazing!

This is the mixed grill for two. Chops were amazing!! Lamb with pistachio delicious and they added a cranberry jam and a sauce ! So yummi ! Chicken and another lamb completed the dish. With rice with saffron and potatoes.

The saffron ice cream with special frozen noodles

Was great but to taste properly the wonderful icecream it was better probably just icecream! I loved also the interiors.

Good good good! Beluga forever!


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Russia at the queen’s gallery

Click here to see all my pics. I really got stack in the middle of the mess of the protesters ( climate) and arrived late but we were able to enter anyway and I was astonished because this exhibition is worth! It finishes on the 28th so not many days left but if you are in London .. go!

Paintings are very good , and it’s culture to learn how all the royal families are related to queen victoria! There is a wide selection of news about the Crimea war and an interesting geneological tree.

But paintings are so good.

And well, I felt like Anastasia!

Any day London gives me something new to learn and to see!

Still a red eye. I had the drops with me. Cross fingers. What can we do tomorrow ? Whitechapel no.. the shop is not in the desires of paolo anymore .