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Weekend in Paris

Usual wonderful stay at the hotel st petersburg. Room with a small terrace . Soooo romantic! Dinner at a nice place called clos bourguignon in rue caumartin

Nice rumpsteak! It was called langue de chat and I really enjoyed it. The lady was very nice .

I had to admit that we had been quite Lucky with restaurants. For me the Royal opera where Paolo wanted to go for the tartare was not Great because they tend to put mustard in everything.

But Paolo Liked it! Dinner @ the american dream . What can i say.. the Waiter was 👎🏻👎🏻 but the fajitas were very good. He pushed us to order hamburger but I went there to have fajitas because we fancied Mexican since weeks!

Today This Amazing place at latin quarter called auberge st severin . Set menu with moules and rumpsteak. It was very very good. Even Wine was included!

It was a very quiet weekend dedicated to walks. No museums as paolo didn’t want! Time was short! So place des vosges! A must.

Galerie lafayette and the christmas decorations!

Walks along Montmartre and sacre coeur , took the cable car, went to notre dame and latin quarter with a stop in a tent where we Could taste French cheeses, had a nice lunch at This place with mussels and meat and then a coffee in a place close to the opera not coupable where a cappuccino was 6,50 euro! The airport is a horrible disorganized place with no monitors and no places to eat. The sandwich at paul was cold , they not do not warm up . It was blocked in my stomach for hours with a bad headache. Not an airport, even third world probably has a better one.

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And no one told us that the gate changed. Almost lost the flight!

Never more! But what can we do if we want to go to Paris!??? This is what they offer. Horrible airport.

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Mao Hunan

Un vero cinese! Con cibi 🌶 piccantini ma decisamente 🔝.

Io sono innamorata delle melanzane. Nel pestello! Super ! Qui abbiamo il riso saltato gamberi e verdure.

La ciotola di calamari.

Tutto buonissimo, meno caro del koreano e a mio marito è piaciuto molto di più .

Io ve lo consiglio! Piazzale Loreto.