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Mimino and strictly ballroom

Great musical about dancing .. ( on the shade of strictly come dancing.

And lunch – Georgian- at minino where I simply loved the appetizer. I had lamb and it was really too much but delicious!

These are the famous dumplings from Georgia that you can have with various filling. We picked lamb and beef

This is the lamb


Good especially tomatoes.

But the masterpiece was

The appetizer

Soooooo good!

Veggie. I loved it!

The musical was good.

Tango and cha cha cha

and the Spanish dance was amazing!

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The postal museum

In the Middle of nowhere with Street workers all over This new museum probably has like main attraction the mailrail where i am going soon.

BecAuse the museum itself is so and so. The online nice part is the computer to make stamps.

And at the Cafeteria i had the most hotrible sandwich in my whole life.

Cole inside and mild out. The toasts are different!!! Just 4,50 i cannot complain

ecco the mail rail è carino and it’s worth the visit. Small tiny and the galleries Are Small but I enjoyed it!i always loved to write letters and to learn how they were delivered in London was amazing and useful. A great idea! I suggest this visit when in London !

So cool to learn about the way the letters were distribuited! With videos while in standby in some exchanging posts.

Videos are in YouTube .

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Second day in London

Day dedicated to christo and his new installation .

Actually i got lost and i finally found it and discovered the tennis club in Hyde Park.

Lunch in wagamama westfield

And Nando in notting Hill is closed. How Sad.

meeting with Marilyn and Tomas Who was too kind and walked me home. I should have got lost. Let me tell u.

Nice dinner at cote and drinks at the swan. Close to the globe theatre.

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First day in London

First of all, the Luggage was all dirty from a sticky strawberry gel and BA changed my luggage with a new One and my driver had a FLAt tyre so we could not sue him! I had to take a can that is 75 pounds. Incredibile.this is the chicken new burger by byron

I am so depressed ! My Kunar!

Hotel seems fine and i want to try the spa .

Now westfield and some seriosa shopping

oh and we can add that i escaped the heat of milano to find it again here in London!