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Chiswick House and Gardens

Lord Burlington ' study in blue! Amazing! Small house but interesting ! And gardens … sooooo nice! Bus #27

The garden with statues called exedra
I took photos – yesssss I did!
Entrance 8 pounds three Amazing roman statues in the ruote to the toilette
Just a amalo amount of Photoshop be cause i should have dome more to the paintings but it was forbidden
Amazing place.



i already published 3 books (avaiable on amazon ect...) but now i feel like having a blog so my novel will be post here. maybe some more people would read it, maybe i can get some feedback..maybe someone will like my writing... who knows...and i can write whenever i feel like, even from the subway... and i really want to learn more about blogging and how to make a personal blog- i just use templates. i would like to make a personal one... well, hope you will like it and will spread the word. have a great day! we are melting here in Milano!! 22-8-2011

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