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Saturday in Milano 

Lunch: Lentini 

Now it’s my place. Not cheap but not filled with people. We tried biancolatte and we run away.

And wandering around Santa Maria alla porta that I have never seen and I pass by almost every day! And piazza affari and the cattelan finger. I love Cattelan, I even flew to Ny to see his exhibition at the Guggenheim!!!

Then we walked around and I simply adored the shop Ballin. Need to go there for shows when in the mood.



i already published 3 books (avaiable on amazon ect...) but now i feel like having a blog so my novel will be post here. maybe some more people would read it, maybe i can get some feedback..maybe someone will like my writing... who knows...and i can write whenever i feel like, even from the subway... and i really want to learn more about blogging and how to make a personal blog- i just use templates. i would like to make a personal one... well, hope you will like it and will spread the word. have a great day! we are melting here in Milano!! 22-8-2011

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