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Specialità napoletane

in via Jan palach

Pizza ottima! Io ho preso il ripieno al forno con ricotta e salame.niente foto sono stata pessima ma abbiate pietà sono malata! Una tosse pazzesca.

Paolo ha preso la capricciosa. Vera pizza napoletana. Buonissima! Fanno anche tante specialità napoletane. Tavolini fuori??? Speriamo con la bella stagione… Si trova nella vecchia cartiera.

Io ve la consiglio poi mi attrezzo per le foto! 



i already published 3 books (avaiable on amazon ect...) but now i feel like having a blog so my novel will be post here. maybe some more people would read it, maybe i can get some feedback..maybe someone will like my writing... who knows...and i can write whenever i feel like, even from the subway... and i really want to learn more about blogging and how to make a personal blog- i just use templates. i would like to make a personal one... well, hope you will like it and will spread the word. have a great day! we are melting here in Milano!! 22-8-2011

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