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pics of my holiday

pics of my holiday

well, i probably should write more about my week in London in august and yes! i will do but my two weeks in the seaside were amazing – in a way…not completely as i seldom felt on the verge of crying for a couple of days when my little cousin came to rescue me. i was alone without paolo and nobody was around to chat a bit and you know how i am…


anyway, i decided to rent a motorboat and go to la gallinara and starting to learn how to drive it. i am totally addicted. how did i survived all those years without having a boat to enjoy the sea???

then i went to see the jazz festival in albenga and i even enrolled to the jazz club le rapalline. i even imagined to have gained again my friend but i was totally and completely wrong. this is probably the reason i am almost on the verge of tears every single day, but life has to go on and no one has to like me. someone is probably not a fan.

what did i do? we had dinner at my friend Barbara, i had met Francesca that is a very nice woman and i discovered Federica again. i felt great spending time with a 25 yrs old girl and i didn’t want her to leave.

the sea was amazing and the telephone calls of my friend Piero made me happy.

so i am not supposed to be sad but i am.

james even almost returned to the sender and my friend Courtney is happy.

so what can we ask??

well, go and have a look at the pics. i have posted the link. i still cannot believe how nice is alassio from the sea. well, cannot say the same thing for albenga but this is nice when you walk around.

or it was…still i have to find peace.

see you soon, london is coming along soon.


i already published 3 books (avaiable on amazon ect...) but now i feel like having a blog so my novel will be post here. maybe some more people would read it, maybe i can get some feedback..maybe someone will like my writing... who knows...and i can write whenever i feel like, even from the subway... and i really want to learn more about blogging and how to make a personal blog- i just use templates. i would like to make a personal one... well, hope you will like it and will spread the word. have a great day! we are melting here in Milano!! 22-8-2011

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