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Gallerie d’Italia and San Vittore

Last weekend was the italian National trust weekend. (FAI) and Paolo and I booked to go to see the local jail who had been built in 1870 and on saturday evening the new art collection open by a bank close to La Scala. The jail tour lasted 2 hours and it was very interesting. the guides were police workers inside the san vittore jail and they were very nice. the star shaped bulding is closed in 2 branches so we could see one without being in contact with cons. is it offensive to say cons? because i am italian so…i just use words that i learn from books and tv but some of them might not be very kind. who knows….
anyway we discovered a place that looks like a nursery home so honestly i didn’t find it so touching and sad like people say on tv…we were able to see cells, the bathrooms, the place, the open air area where they spend time outside. paolo didn’t want to come but he liked the experience. well organized and really an advice for the next year. book in advance to go to visit it.
saturday evening we had a reservation for a guided tour at le gallerie d’italia. the new museum with the art collection owned by the bank cariplo.Now banca intesa. Now it’s open just the part with the 1800s collection and paintings are amazing,especially some views of the duomo and the room with all the paintings of the lakes. they are simply amazing. but the whole collection is worth to be seen. anyway…i had an adventure there.
and i want to start with two points:
we didn’t pass for the wardrobe in the entrace as my bag was small and i was let in
it’s full of videocameras in every corner so i was very stupid to sneak a photo with the hope of not being spotted and anyway…is it a huge crime????

well, i spotted a wonderful painting and i took a photo with my iphone and i put the phone back in the purse. suddenly a guard approached me and was over taking me in height and shouted that i took a picture and he continued to shout and i said :”sorry i didn’t know that” and he kept shouting like i had tried to steal the painting. i said that he was very rude so pls low your voice. and i was thinking..” you poor idiot that were not even wanted in a regular police force”
he kept staying close to me shouting like full metal jacket and i could not thing what he wanted from me. he made me take off the iphone from the purse and wanted to see my photos and made me delete them. but are we crazy? not even the police can see the content of my telephone without a warrant but i was scared and i did it. i was shocked all the way through the visit. but when i went out i checked because i already had in mind to write a letter to the fundation who owns the paintings and the museum and the legal office of the fundation. i never saw a sign saying that it was not possible to take pics inside -just a small sign in the wardrobe room but i just passed by that point when i was going home. so i arrived home at midnight and i wrote a email.
i got a response with excuses and the gift of the catalogue of the museum that will be sent to me.
even if i am a unionist i really have to say that i would love to see that bastard fired or at least driving a safe truck delivering small heavy coins to the grocery stores. LOSER.




i already published 3 books (avaiable on amazon ect...) but now i feel like having a blog so my novel will be post here. maybe some more people would read it, maybe i can get some feedback..maybe someone will like my writing... who knows...and i can write whenever i feel like, even from the subway... and i really want to learn more about blogging and how to make a personal blog- i just use templates. i would like to make a personal one... well, hope you will like it and will spread the word. have a great day! we are melting here in Milano!! 22-8-2011

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