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Small report on Capri


Dear Valerie,

how are you? I am waiting for the delivery of my grocery but it seems very late! It’s almost 10 pm and he was supposed to come between 8 to 10 but usually they never arrive so late. I am waiting for my fruit salad by the way to eat for dinner! Luckily we had a week with no humidity and unbearable hot, we can sleep and i didn’t turn the air conditioned on for a long time! Which is amazing. In the seaside it was wonderful, breeze and wind, so we could take some more sun tan and will be back also this week-end. After the meeting that we have tomorrow that is very very hard. I don’t know if signing or not…what a mess…

always in the summertime! We had, from june 2nd till the 10th a wonderful week in CAPRI. Except one day of rain the other time was amazing..lovely..did you see my pictures? The hotel was very nice and quiet, not crowded, very calm and close to the main shopping street but also very discreet and far away from the mess. For example, if you go to Hotel Palma that is very nice with palms and a fancy restaurant and basically over the famous night club anema e core…well, it was a mess of people walking and chatting…plus no swimming pool.

Beaches in marina piccola were nice but having a pool was surely easier…

The best money we spent there were to rent a boat with the sailor to tour the island and see all! We swom close to la grotta verde, went to see the famous grotta azzurra…amazing how nice is capri and how wonderfully blue the sea is. In ischia is totally different because is vulcanic…we were full of good intentions about seeing the whole island walking even to the quattro fortini but when the heat started to grow we decided to stop and dedicate ourselves to the pool and to some books.

On the 3rd when it stopped to rain we went to see Giardini di Augusto and discovered that an engeeneer did a wonderful walk that goes deep down to marina piccola but it is closed for renovations. Mayer was the engeneer. We walked to ARCO Naturale and it wasn’t very easy…deep…i admit, i did some serious trekking in capri despite my being not sportive at all. The view at arco naturale is very nice, is a arch made naturally in a rock and you see the blue sea. We stopped by Johnny Bar for a drink..consider that we call my father in law Johnny so…it was funny. The other bar we liked was Embassy, in via camerelle.

On the 4th we took the small bus (they are very small!!!) to Anacapri. We walked along the historical center and visited the famous church of San Michele ( 1 euro) where the floor is all ceramic hand painted with scenes of the paradiso terrestre. It was a very great and well kept church. Consider that i left without even reading a guide about capri so all was a discovery…then we walked to see Villa San Michele the famous villa of Axel Munte. It was divina!!! Then we stopped in a huge shop were paolo bought a tie by ULTURALE, the one that puts inside the cornetto napoletano bring luck…do you know what it is? A model was selling them…so we chatted about milano as he obviously lived here for ages…but now he-wisely- decided for capri and…who can say something against??? Then we took the lift chair to see the view from Monte Solaro. Wonderful view but started to be very hot…so we seated in a bar for a quick lunch…

On the 5th we did the famous boat trip …we saw the jump of tiberio where he threw down the enemies, faraglioni and we passed in the middle of the lover’s arch…saw all the coast..and saw the villa of the writer Curzio malaparte. A comunist with a villa on a rock that was a punch to misery of poor people but…well, we all know how italian comunists are…rich!  then before dinner we walked to Punta Tragara that is a wonderful terrace view point on the faraglioni. I admit, it was my fave spot for a short walk.

On the 6th we climbed- and it was correct to say so – to Villa Jovis, the villa of Tiberio. It’s not well kept and to arrive there is like climbing a mountain but just before it there is a wonderful view point on faraglioni and villa malaparte that is great. Just…2 hours to get there from capri…made the walk hard to repeat.


Another recipe from my friend Sandy!!!!



Scalloped Pineapple :

1 1/2 sticks of melted butter

1 (no 2 ) can crushed pineapple drained

2 large or 3 small eggs (beaten)

4 cups cubed bread (including crust)

1 1/2 cup sugar

dash of salt

Mix and bake at 350 for approximately 40 minutes



August in New York


We got back from our week in new york. We had a very nice time even we were not luck at all with weather..we had a day of strong rain where we walked in lakes…not puddles! We left from Nice airport on the 17th. I admit that after 2 weeks in seaside i was so used to my daily routine on the beach that i didn’t want to leave…and i was like..”New york” uff…boring…what can i do? And believe me that this was my 7th-8th time there and i finally came back with a real love for the town.amazing…wonderful…we had a blast! We stayed at the warwick and had a mini suite room with view on the 6th ave. And is convenient for everything and i would surely go back there next time. Time that will be pretty soon as i wanna go back soon!!! The shopping was awesome because dollar was low!I can now wait for a rainy fall in Milano as i have brand new rubber boots by Burberry…wonderful…everything was cheap and cool, i browsed for books all the time, and we walked, walked, walked…On the plane i watched the best movie i had ever seen this past 5 years. Der Leben von Anderen. It was wonderful, touching and i want it on dvd as soon as i can find it…in New York we went to the cinema and saw The Bourne Ultimatum and Rush Hour 3, both very nice!Plus we went pn the 21st to see the concert of Joshua Bell at the Avery Fish Hall at lincoln center. He played one piece and the other 2 were directed by the norwegian director of the orchestra of Minnesota.It was cold and I was dressed with a black long dress but we managed to walk to the hotel fine stopping at P.J. Clarke for dinner. Then we went to see the Museum of Natural Sciences. It was nice, full of things, you can stay inside all day and maybe more! Then we had dinner with my friend carmen, she is very nice and we had fun. We went to Rue 57 that seemed full of new yorkers and not tourists. I look for that before choosing a restaurant because i want to live the town like locals. Like the diner ASTRO on the 6th where you can have breakfast….like in the movies! ! Guess what? On a site that spots actors in Ny I read that when I was there my favourite actor, Anthony La Paglia, was shopping in Soho.Destiny wanted us in the same town together but i didn’t spot him…awful!


13 January 2008

I just discovered now that probably the chapter about New York was deleted..don’t know’s astonishing also for me that are taking back the file of my 4th book after I changed my pc and saved the whole thing into a cd.

Well, i should take back my memories and write again about it…I wonder..had i deleted something else from this file?????????? Just 15 pages in more than one year?????????????????


A week in London 

January 5th till 12nd


London! On the 5th we arrived, we met John and Becky after years and we had a long chat and met the girls, Jessie and Rosie that are very nice.I wanted to be a saver and avoid the gatwick express that is very costly and take the one that John R. Suggested as cheaper and that arrived to Kensington Olympia. It turned out to be cheaper but ..can be 2 pounds less so we preferred the usual and quicker gatwick express.On the 6th We went to see ENCHANTED (great movie) and had dinner at Maroush Juice, the lebanese of the same chain of RANDA in Kensington Church Street. This one has the same menu, same great food and it’s open till late like the other one. This one in High Street has doner kebabs more..but they give you as dessert a complementary baclava anyway and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooo Great!!! I had minced lamb in a yougurth sauce with chickpeas. Paolo the usual mixed grill that is delicious. We wanted to try BYRON the new burger place that is now in the same place of the old ASK pizzeria but it was already closed at 10,30 pm..

7-1-2008 I had found the boots I wanted in KINGS Rd. At LK Bennett. Finally, after months of search and gladly and proudly I can say that they were half price! No sale price for jeans and black trousers at Moonsoon but I cannot have all….I had been lucky to find trousers for my size as I am terribly fat now.In Kensington now there is TABIO and they had sales also so I was lucky enough to have socks (men) at a sale price. We had a late lunch at NANDO’s – Paolo still loves it and I do too. We tried this time the new mashed sweet potatoes. It seems pumpkin and I liked it while Paolo didn’t. But the chicken there is always yummi and great. Then I went at my usual second hand bookshop, to M & S for some sporty gear for paolo to jog in the park, but then he couldn’t find the shoes and he didn’t jogged.

Sad news, we were in Piccadilly and a man went under the bus n- 14 while we were there. It was sad but luckily we could not see all. Just an elycopter arrived and landed in piccadilly to get him, we don’t know how is was or is. He was totally under the bus.

On Tv we watched a show and I picked up a great recipe to make with chicken:

Dried apricots

Chicken in squares


Chickpeas garlic

Pepper paprika honey

We went to see ST TRINIANS. First I didn’t liked it and was sad to have wasted the money but while the plots goes on is not that bad.Colin anyway is always Colin. Then we finally were able to go to try the hamburger at BYRONS. I had the chicken and Paolo the normal one. It was good and the place is clean. I am fed up now with hamburger union so this is a new chance.I drank real was good. Here we don’t…


I can say that we overslept in London quite a lot and what can be do when we will back in Milano? We ventured to PRIMARK also because Becky said that is a very cheap place. It is, but I had found a nice mac for just 15 £ ! Paolo tried the marathon shop and they did a test on his feet to see which kind of shoes will fit. They are very professional…too bad they hadn’t the shoes that were ok for Paolo because the size was not right!


We headed to the O2 to see the exhibition of Tutankamon. 15 £ and it is NOT worth at all. There are not many things, just some statues from the tomb but not the mask, not the mummy, not the sarcophagy or what the spelling is.I had hoped to see more, especially for the high price of the ticket. It was the only disappointing exhibition ever seen in London in years. tickets for the spice girls. So double disappointing.

In the evening, PS:I Love you with Udu and Elisa. A wonderful movie! And Jeffrey Dean Morgan is really wonderful!

10-1-2008 We had seen the ballet THE NUTCRACKER that was great like last year. Same great seats, almost. Then we tried the new greek gastropub in Long Acre. It’s not that bad but not really greek as I had tried suvlaki in Greece and they were not in a pita bread…or was I wrong?

But well, it’s not a bad restaurant. It is good. We are on a diet (almost) so we didn’t tried all the yummi appetizers that we had seen passing by. The baclava anyway was not too good. I admit:the best ones are in our lebanese restaurant.

      1. We met monika and went with Udu and Elisa to see DAN IN REAL LIFE. It was very good. Then we went to the thai in Kensington Church Street.

Too bad that just tomorrow I will start a long session of meetings for a merging…right from the stars of London to the hard work..I already miss being there…with my whole foods..(This time we bought twice our dinner there and they cook very well!)


February 28, 2008

Oh God God God…unbelievable. I got a text message on my mobile from an unknown number saying…hello my beautiful journalist.I replied asking ..who are you?

And this guy replied GOOD NIGHT.

As I am stupid I didn’t wrote down the number , even deleted i cannot call back to see who was the unknown and mysetrious admirer.

James? No way..i really doubt it.even if…i wish it was him

The old school mate i recentely met at IVY? A secret joy if it was actually HIM but..oh gosh, why using another number? I have his number and to be honest..when he was in Aberdeen for work all alone he even spent quite a few hours texting me..then I was so rude and stupid to ask why he was wasting time with me…and I probably ruined everything but on the other hand…he asked when was my b-day and then didn’t even messaged me on my b-day…so I was very disappointed. Probably Star that was fooling me with an unknown and secret number…because apart from Roger I don’t have any secret admirer at all.

But…as I was stupid enough to delete the number…even if i go online in the provider site i can see just partials of the numbers I send messages…

My usual stupidity about cleaning all the memory of the telephone.

Who is this guy????? Will he write again so i can figure it out?




Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled ‘Gentlemen Only…Ladies Forbidden’…and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. 


12nd april 2008


hello Fiona,

how are you?i am concerned for your mom,she is really always in the hospital lately and i am really hoping she can heal and feel better least how it was before.she should need dr house..maybe she just have some strange thing that doctors do not understand. i ahev with me the notebook so i can write and tomorrow from home to print it out and mail it to you! i went to Venice yesterday as my friends from Bruxelles were in town for a week and i usually bump to see them. we walked all day, didn’t eat which was fine for me as i need to lose weight. i am soooo incredibly fattening day by day and i don’t know why…i know but honestly i do not eat too much to have these results. well,i am a bit depressed. when i look at my pictures i don’t even see myself anymore. i cannot recognize me.well,at least i didn’t had lunch nor dinner yesterday and i am quite happy..i had this headache because i probably walked with a heat and humidity- venice is a master in humidity- and on the way back by train i took my new pills that the doctor gave me for the headache and i slpt almost 3 hours. like dead.they could have robbed me entirely in the train that i didn’t notice…thanks god i took the pill anyway…today i am is not helping because we are in the lake house and it was raining till half an hour ago…paolo is fixing in the desk the new computer of his brother that is not here.they are in milano for a course. whao..Precious Cherub seems a real baby…but do your friends make them? how are they made?soft inside?if i may ask..who is the father? why Vincent didn’t recognize the baby? how awful of him….

sue him..we can do the dna exam. and having him to pay child support. at least!

here we had a very hectic week and next one won’t be less..on tuesday i have to go to sondrio BUT on monday i have to go to a branch to pick up the tax report of a colleague.on friday frankly we have a visit in lugano again and i am going with ornella…by car this time because 3 hours in a train is not my way of feeling i will avoid a boring meeting…

we don’t have anymore dirty sexy money.suddenly stopped and we cannot figure out why. i was addicted to it and …suddenly stopped.

same way for private practice. stopped! we have new csi-luckily- and californiacation that i had lost this thursday because i had the ballet but there are reruns and i will find out when it will be the next time. do you have it? yes because in october i had seen ut….lost actually the episode but the show was on…it’s great and David Duchovny is always hot!!!!! (:


On the 5th we went to Venaria to see the hunting royal palace.My parents came along too. it was incredible to hear that the palace was abandoned for years and that people from the village entered the rooms and took away what they could.sometime you think..wish i had known…anyway…it was a barrack after 1950 and just lately they dismissed it and the region decided to refix it. it was designed by Juvarra as a small Versailles and the gardens had wonderful small lakes with statues but where they are now and if they actually did them is a mystery.the big fountain is missing and to re do it the modern architect (a dumb for me) did a lake made with pieces of crystal. inside in the middle pieces of statues.if you will ever go to my Facebook photos have a look and see the big fountain how it was now. amazing…the garden is redo modern. it’s a punch in the stomach. original…but totally different from what i imagined in a garden made inside a hunting palace of the Savoia family. the big pool that was a fishing resource for the family but that was never made is now made as a huge pool that covers inside the heating system. all around…modern statues made by this architect and nooooo grass. a garden with no grass. marble and stones and covers of the piedmont nuts.

it was shocking. still it’s inside us because we will never forget it…

the roses were not blooming unfortunately but the garden as square gazebos (modern) and a oyster made like some sun beds…

inside there was a exhibition of the family Savoia since 1500 with some furniture and so on.we didn’t see all the inside because we just had 1 hour and half to see all and we were late. pastedGraphic.pdf


disorganized…if i book for 11 and then they let me wait 30 minutes in qeue to enter..

lunch was in a wonderful restaurant. food was good. plus it was nice to have at the same table my parents and 4 of their friends….the Morellos are too cool and then this couple who married 2 years ago. they were bot widowers..if you say so…a man who had his wife passed away is a widower too?? i don’t have with me a dctionary and that’s the poor result..anyway they are 70 and 80.

the morellos invited us for dinner on tuesday night as my mom was going there anyway for the tax report. their son works with me in the bank. i had lost this way the concert of my friend Francesca who was having a concert in the aula magna of the university, she plays the violin. but honestly i couldn’t go…


yes, we have COOP in Italy (comunist supermarket..) and even in switzerland. i just go in switzerland and not in italy as it’s such a mess…too big in the seaside and too far away from me in Milano. but yes..we do have it. i hadn’t seen any in the uk but i suppose you have them it cheap?

how is your back?????? hope you are feeling better now poor fiona..backache is terrible. because you cannot walk,drive and do nothing..i had once in UK and when i was back i was always walking like a over there i was fine since i was standing but seated…ohhhhhhhh what a pain…

i have headache anyway and they are not easy to deal with too.


i am going to interlaken and piz gloria on april 25th and no..the hotel said that we cannot reserve the parking as it’s free. she said anyway that there are so many parking spaces around the hotel that we cannot worry. i still hope to find a parking space close to my room!!!!!!! you never know…i will keep you posted as i am going there in 2 weeks…

next one i would like to go to the seaside..maybe some sun? finally?????

i will look for a second hand aston martin for you. a new one is too much but we can see what we can do with the used one…do you agree? guess your neighbours??????

for what i had heard Shellie is not working till spring comes , they have temp jobs…what can they do all winter??????anyway she seems fine.she doesn’t email much…probably she is too busy with painting and so on..but does she writes to you??? regular letters?

well, i stop here for now…i need to go to the library at 4 pm and then i want to have a small nap….i am terribly tired..i am always!!! what can be???

write you soon….

tomorrow we have to vote and we also have to pick up Paolo’s granny because his father doesn’t drive anymore till they will renew the licence.if… he doesn’t do none of what they said to do to renew it-

talk soooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn




write soon!



i already published 3 books (avaiable on amazon ect...) but now i feel like having a blog so my novel will be post here. maybe some more people would read it, maybe i can get some feedback..maybe someone will like my writing... who knows...and i can write whenever i feel like, even from the subway... and i really want to learn more about blogging and how to make a personal blog- i just use templates. i would like to make a personal one... well, hope you will like it and will spread the word. have a great day! we are melting here in Milano!! 22-8-2011

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